Orthopedic Surgery RoswellAfter more than 20 years of Orthopedic Surgery Practice, I have found that Patients treated like family members are happy and satisfied customers. In my practice, this means I will be Thorough in my examination. I will be Honest when describing your care. I will discuss your condition and treatment so that it can be understood. I will be Efficient in the office so that wait times will be minimized. Finally, I believe that Humor and Friendliness are important in my care of all patients. Thank you for considering me as your treating orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic Surgery Roswell

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

“Guadalupe Peak” Highest point in Texas, 8,751 feet ASL

Orthopedic Surgery RoswellHere is a man that has had pain over 20 years in his hip, couldn’t walk, ride a bike, ride a motorcycle or drive a car without pain. He finally had a Total Hip Replacement and a little physical Therapy – to pass time and heal. All worked well so as he hadn’t done much for a long period of time-decided to ride his bike, drive his car, walk a little and last but not least Ride his motorcycle to Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Hike to Guadalupe Peak. The hiking took 5 hours up – 1/2 hour to rest and four and 1/2 hours to descend to the bottom and ride home 138 miles, Roswell, NM. A little over two days in the hospital gave me my life back!

- Gordon Paul

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